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In ancient times, tribal tattoos were not considered as just an art form but were representation for elements with mystical or magical significance.  Part of what is so interesting about tribal art is the differences and well as the similarities that were attached to the various symbols.  Different cultures displayed a variety of tribal tattoo designs for many different reasons.  Many times tribal art was worn on bodies of tribesmen and women to show respect. Tribal tattoo designs were often used as representation of an event. Strong devotion and loyalty to a tribe were shown by wearing a tribal tattoo.


One tribal form of tattooing was to poke the skin with a sharp stick that had been burnt in a fire followed by rubbing the wound with ashes or soot.  For some tribal tattoos were considered a communication god and believed that this tribal art released supernatural powers.  The association with some of the ancient honored principals of tribal tattoo designs holds true today. These are very a popular choice of tattoo that offers a wide selection of design options from the very simple to complex. There are so many symbolic associations that for some are meaningful representations of their feelings.


In Native American Tradition man was given or choose symbolic animals that represented their character and would claim to have the powers of that particular animal.  In some tribes tribal art was displayed only on the men of their group.  Other tribal societies had certain tribal tattoos that were designated just for men and different ones were for women.  Some of the most popular tribaltattoo designs include the following.  Sun, butterflies, flowers, dragons, scorpions and fairies.  Although these tattoos are for the most part done in black, many tattoo artists are adding color totheir designs.  Let this information site guide you in your search of all this wonderful art form has to offer.