Information on celtic tattoos their designs and symbols




There are many interpretations of Celtic symbols with many relating to their religious beliefs.  Animals played a major role in Celtic art. Animal motifs on war regalia were believed to bring good luck to those in battle.  Celtic design tattoos also relate significantly to nature, birds, fish, reptile mammal and man. Not only are Celtic tattoos popular but a growing number of artists and other related fields have a special passion for Celtic symbols. When requesting a Celtic tattoo you should be aware that some Celtic design tattoos have intricate designs that could be a problem is the size of the tattoo is too small.


Traditional Celtic art is displayed by the following.  Knot work patterns are intrigue unbroken patters representative of mans spiritual growth.  The Celtic design tattoo of  Spirals are seen as a  symbol of eternal life and associate with spirit and balance.  Key patterns like labyrinths or mazes are said to create a path where the heavens join the earth.   In zoomorphic ornaments animals and birds considered sacred and the combinations such as part plant part animal is representative that things are not always as they initially appear. One of the earliest Celtic symbols blending pagan and Christian traditions are displayed by the Celtic tattoos of crosses.


Celtics were extremely connected with creation.  They bestowed great honor and respect to animals.  Chapels as well as other items were decorated with animals.  The followings are some Celtic symbols of Celtic tattoos and the proposed meanings attached to them.  The cat is represented as a guardian of the gate to the otherworld.  Horse is associated with power, magic, prophecy and the transporter to the other world.  Lion is the symbol for dignity. Dogs relate to healer of both the soul and body.  Other representation can be found for the popular Celtic crosses.  There are many interpretations.  The meanings attached to Celtic design tattoos  can change depending upon different tribes and time frames.