Butterfly Tattoos - Fairy Tattoos - Star Tattoos

The butterfly tattoo, fairy tattoo and star tattoo have all been very popular

designs.  The versatility of these three tattoos offers an incredible seemingly endless amount of design choices.  Shooting star tattoo were representative of the birth gods, the butterfly tattoo symbolizes the soul leaving the body The magical fairy tattoo is associated with giving humans the gift of beauty, good nature and wealth.  There are other representations of these popular designs.  Many people select these particular designs because they associate or admire the meanings behind them.  Star tattoos have different interpretations depending on the amount of points in the star design.


The following are meanings attached to the indicated number of points.  The four point star relates to the sun.  The five pointed design signifies birth and Bethlehem.  The six point star is the Star of David. The eight pointed star is the Venus evening star also represents creation as well as an alternative of the star of Bethlehem.  Other interpretations of the butterfly tattoo are representative of the stages that a butterfly goes through.  Another association of the Fairy Tattoo is with healing.   This beautiful  tattoo is a delicate creature with a wide spectrum of wonderful colors.  Over the past couple years not only are butterfly tattoos very popular but this popularity can also be found in jewelry and other forms of art such as paintings.  The mythical fairy tattoo in combination with the star tattoo makes for a very magical design. Combining butterfly and fairies is also very popular that also creates an enormous amount of color size and design options.

There is also the choice of Celtic and tribal designs of these tattoos.  Whatever your preference take the time to enjoy your search for the perfect color, size and design or combination of designs. It is time well spent when you remember that this will be a permanent tattoo that will grace your body for many years to come.  Whatever your choices let us help you in your search.