Piercing - Body Piercing - Body Piercing Jewelry

Throughout the world various types of body art and body piercing jewelry are worn and displayed by a countless number of people.  As with any type of piercing or whenever the skin is puncutred there is a risk of infection.  When having any types of body piercing it is very important to find a reputable knowledgeable person that is familiar with the proper procedures to perform your piercing.  Being informed about all aspects of body piercing beforehand including which body piercing jewelry can cause allergic reactions can save possible grief and aggravation afterwards.  As well it is very important to closely follow any aftercare recommendations or procedures.

For many people have a piercing is a form of individual expression.  While others simply enjoy decorating their bodies and with the wide selection of body piercing jewelry now available they can find a vast amount of choices.  Some are perfectly satisfied with pierced ears yet others have choosen to have body piercing done in several different areas and are looking forward to the next one.  In some cultures having this procedure is done in celebration or as a rite of passage while in other cultures it is considered purely cosmetic.

It is important to note that a piece of body piercing jewelry may be more suitable to one type of piercing than another.  It is a good idea to find out which jewelry is recommended for your particular body piercing.  This may be especially important if you are experiencing discomfort or irritation from the jewelry you are currently wearing.  The earlobes for both genders is still the most popular area to have pierced.  For females a pierced belly button is very often requested and its popularity continues to grow especially amongst younger females.  In addition nostrils, nipples, eyebrows, lips, labrets and tongue are some of the other types frequently requested.