Bluebird Tattoos

The Bluebird Tattoo is said to be a symbol of renewal and happiness. There have been many different poems and songs throughout time that reference this popular bird. The Bluebird Tattoo has also been a nautical tattoo choice for sailors either displayed by its self or paired with its mate.

Bluebird tattoos can also symbolize health, contentment and prosperity. This beautiful bird has can also be seen as a symbol of springtime. As in the phrase The Bluebird of Happiness the Bluebird Tattoo can represent a cheerful disposition.

A Bluebird Tattoo can be a very colourful tattoo choice. There are a number of great tattoo choices of bluebirds in flight in eye catching blues with bright orange and or yellow color schemes. Whether single or in pairs the Bluebird tattoo can be found in combination with hearts, banners or simply on a branch.