Tweety Bird Tattoos

Tweety bird tattoos have been a choice of animated character tattoo for quite some time.  This adorable little bird with its bright yellow feathers can create a colourful tattoo.  Tweety bird tattoos are as well a popular choice of temporary tattoos.  You can also find biomechancial designs of this little bird.

The Tweety bird character is a good natured small bird happily living his life in his cage.  Part of what makes the Tweety bird tattoo so cute are his big adorable eyes.  They potray a sense of innocence in practically all situations this bird encounters.  Yet he is also known to be somewhat mischievous.  Tweety is also referred to as Tweety Pie or just Tweety.

Tweety bird tattoos are sometimes displayed with just the head or face of this bird.  Some displays show Tweety with a halo, with hearts, with stars and in a number of different poses and or hand gestures.  You can also find him displayed in combination with Sylvester and other cartoon character tattoos.