Sword Tattoos

      The sword tattoo design can be found in a variety of different types of swords and is frequently shown with a related object.  Medeival swords such as Excalibur swords, fantasy swords and Chinese swords are some of sword design tattoos.  In addition to the many different kinds of swords, there are also many types of swords and shields, and hats particularly pirate, helmets and armour that provide a vast amount of possibilities of designs.

Protection and power is said to be associated with a sword tattoo.  In general a sword is said to symbolize combat, or in the sword of lady justice it symbolizes bravery for fighting for a just cause.  Another reference to the sword is divine power.

Styles of sword tattoos may be of straight, curved, ancient swords such as daggers and ornamental swords.  In addition to the above combinations sword tattoos can be found in combination with skulls, serpents, hearts and flowers.