Palm Tree Tattoos

Palm branches have been referred to as a symbol of God.  People around the world from various cultures have given different types of trees special mythical significance.  Like a Cherry Blossom Tree tattoo the Palm Tree tattoo can be a very beautiful tattoo.

Palm trees are said to be a symbol of the Garden of Paradise.  They are representative of good and wisdom.  Palm tree tattoos along with phoenix and lion tattoos can be seen as symbols of resurrection and immortality.  Tree tattoos can provide a beautiful tranquil tattoo using earth inspired colors.

My favorite displays of palm tree tattoos are with water as a back ground.  They are also impressive against the glow of a warm sunset.  In addition to warm earth tones there are various designs of this tattoo that are done in cheerful citrus colors.  Other styles feature a beach, cocoanuts and surf boards along with the palm tree.