Raven Tattoos

In the past raven tattoos were frequently associated with the dark side.  Yet there are also repsentation of the raven that is a symbol of light creation and bringer of magic.  The raven has also been noted as the Christian symbol of satan.  It appears that the raven has many different associations and perhaps the wearer of a raven tattoo determines what representation it has for him or her.

Interestingly the croaking of ravens in Chinese myths is said to be unlucky, though the myth also states that if the croaking is heard between the evening hours of eight to ten it is a good sign.  The raven is from the crow family and bears the same associations in China as well as Japan for being a symbol of family affection.  There are as well other noted representations of the raven tattoo.

In raven tattoos the eyes appear to be a part of this tattoo that often times stands out along with the display of magnificent wings.  There are also some very interesting tribal designs of this bird.