Betty Boop Tattoos

Betty Boop has made a huge come back within the past decade and appears to be just as popular as she was back in the thirties when her character began.  Its not suprising that Betty Boop tattoos are being requested along with the many other products available such as handbags, mugs, statues, clocks and much more.  There are also many temporary Betty Boop tattoos available today.

This adorable wide eyed character has captured the hearts of many.  There are numerous Bettty Boop tattoos featuring Betty in different outfits and poses of which in many display her garter.

Famous for her boop boop a doop both men as well as women appreciate the Betty Boop Tattoos.  Not bad for a character that actually started out as a dog.  Some of the more popular designs include Betty on a motorcycle or with her dog bimbo as well as tattoos that display her face only.